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Here is the part where I tell you that you are courageous for taking this step, for coming to this website (and you are). Now, I will normalize the mixed feelings you may have as you consider therapy - eagerness, trepidation, shame, sadness, desperation, etc. (all of which are normal).
Alright, now that we have gotten the cliché therapy website introduction out of the way, I will describe a bit more about my background, my style (therapeutic, not aesthetic), and how I practice (including my proclivity for profanity) for you to determine if we may be a fit.

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I am a cis-het, white, woman in my 30s. I was adopted from Romania as an infant and grew up as an only child in the Midwest. I am un-partnered and I don't have children; I learned a lot about those intersecting identities through the pandemic. 

In 2015, I recognized that the number of graduate degrees I collected would not correlate to my overall sense of self worth and value, so I stopped at four. I made the transition from my previous career path - an aspiring Political Science academic - to training to be a psychotherapist. Instead of degrees, I now collect experiential trainings and ALL the therapy. 

When not actively therapizing (or being therapized), I can be found with a mug of coffee and a book -or- profusely sweating while Pelotoning. I call this balance.

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Experience and Training


EMDRIA Basic Training

Subsequent Advanced EMDR Training:​

Behavioral/Substance Addictions 

Deep Shame and Dissociation  

Virtual EMDR  

Easy Ego State Interventions 

EMDR and Somatic Psychology 

Perpetrator-Identified Parts

Participant in monthly reading group

Group Psychotherapy

Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) 

Student of the Center for Group Studies 

Participant in weekly process-oriented training group

Experiential Therapies

Participant in Minding the Heart experiential training group focused on IFS, AEDP, and Coherence Therapies

I have intentions of further training in IFS and AEDP as I incorporate both modalities into my practice  

I integrate my training in Sandtray into various practices with IFS and EMDR

Previous Employment Settings

Community Mental Health (2 years) 
Inpatient Acute Psychiatric Hospitals (4 years) 
Adolescent Dual-Diagnosis Residential Facility (1 year) 
Nonprofit Agency (5 years)


B.S. Central Michigan University (2011): Political Science, Psychology, Leadership 
M.A. Central Michigan University (2013): Master of Arts in Political Science
M.P.A. Central Michigan University (2014): Master of Public Administration
M.A. University of Notre Dame (2016): Master of Arts in Political Science  
M.S.W. Indiana University (2018): Master of Social Work (Mental Health and Addictions)

Active Licensure

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Indiana & Texas

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Am I the Right Fit?

  • I feel particularly passionate about working with high-achieving adolescents - the individuals who perform well in academics and extra curricular activities - and are internally struggling with fears of failure or their worth being tied to achievement. (I may, hypothetically, be speaking from experience.) 

  • I also find high compatibility with individuals in higher education, whether university staff, faculty, or graduate students. I collected master's degrees in my 20's with the intention of pursuing a tenure-track faculty position. I know the jargon, I lived it.

  • I am passionate about the experience of shame and the way it impedes individuals from living authentically. I inherently believe that we, as humans, are adaptive and that we are all doing the best we can with the tools and resources accessible to us. I am here for when that skill set has been depleted, or when you are exhausted from trying so hard. 

  • I have experience working with: trauma, dissociation, depression, anxiety, shame, disordered eating, religious trauma, and feelings of discontent.

  • I have experience with LGBTQIA+ folx and individuals in polyamorous and kink communities. I utilize a Health at Every Size lens and am a strong advocate of size inclusivity.

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Services Provided


Individual Therapy


This time is for you and it is an honor for me to share the space with you. I am adaptive in my approaches based on the needs and desires of each person. I bring a lot of myself into the session including the well-timed f-bomb and my snarky sense of humor. There is no way to "do it right" when it comes to therapy (though, believe me, I've tried). My hope is that in our time together that you will find your way toward being your authentic self, whatever that might mean for you.

Shame Psycho-Education Group


I have created the curriculum for a 12-week, closed, psychoeducational group on the topic of shame. The first six weeks are based on a theoretical model for understanding the way that shame brings us away from our experiences in the present. The second half of group is thematic and is focused on confronting topic-specific narratives on the topics of: body image, family of origin roles/trauma, religion, sex/sexuality, and money/"success."

Individuals may participate in this group one time, they may repeat it, or they may choose to go onto a process group upon completion.

Process Group Therapy


Group as modality is challenging to explain, it's one of those "you had to be there," types of experiences. I describe group to many of my clients as having the opportunity to try something new, such as: expressing an uncomfortable emotion in the presence of others, taking up more space (or sharing space, depending on your nature), learning how to express needs and desires. Group often replicates a family system and allows for the healing of old wounds, some of which you may not have known where there. Read more about Group Therapy as described by the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

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How long are sessions and what is the cost?

Individual Therapy: 50 Minutes - $150

Group Therapy: 75 Minutes - $50

Please contact me for a free, 20-minute phone consultation to determine whether to schedule an intake.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance, I can provide a Super Bill (insurance jargon) that shows the services I have billed and associated fees. You may be able to receive some reimbursement from your insurance. I am considered an "Out of Network" Provider.

How do I prepare for my first session?

After our phone consultation, I will provide you with the information to complete intake paperwork. Other than that, come as you are.

How do I contact you?


Text or Call:


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